Thursday, 20 December 2012

We, The Rapists

Only a few things unite India. The heinous act of rape in Delhi (where else) was one such shameful incident that had sent shivers to all sections of people alike. Lack of political will & incompetent police force were the common insinuations that came out of these post-rape water cooler discussions and newsroom debates. From Sushil Kumar Shinde to Sheila Dikshit to Neeraj Kumar (Commissioner of Delhi Police), all faced resignation-demanding-agitations across the state and country.

There is hardly any light at the end of this tunnel. No government or police, howsoever enthusiastic, willing and honest can bring about a change these protests are seeking to. This society cannot be civilized unless we attain the stage of self-realization. We are what we are because of who we are. More than the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, the biggest culprits in all this are we, the same people of India, who had pledged sovereignty & dignity to every brother & sister alike. Our society, our conservatism and our self-denied orthodoxy are the reasons primarily, if not solely, responsible for unabated acts of cruelty and disgrace!

This is the same society where post puberty (or in metros-post teen), the girls are treated as matrimonial objects by their parents, sexual objects by their peers and household objects by the in-laws. North India particularly with its inhibition for opening up to a free society, thanks to the regards we have towards our legacy of so-called culture, is the epicentre of such activities. From the day a girl is born, she is taught the importance of being a virgin and how talking to a guy is such a shameful act that can impact her matrimonial prospects. At the same time, a blind eye is turned towards the mischievous son of the family who is believed to be enjoying his bachelorhood.

 Female feticide, still an alive phenomenon and secretly practised by many is the road that in the long run leads to these acts of shame. Most of us would deny, but for us, female is always considered as the weaker gender of the society. Unless we change this line of thought and give our mind a chance to accept the girl as an equal partner of a symbiotic society, there is hardly any change that government and police bashing can bring. For we are not weak by legislations, we are weak by morals, hollowed inside and out. I have my doubts that if a strong law and an iron handed police had been in place, this rape would not have taken place. Post facto actions can act as deterrents but not as a definite prevention measure. We need to get our morals strong, our basics right and our strengths redefined. Masculinity is not the strength of oppression; it is the tool of the weak. We need self-introspection and inward looking gestures into a society that needs to mature and grow as a morally strong unit. Can peace protests help? May be! Can finger pointing? No! Slut walks? Definitely Not!


Chidiya said...

If the girl dies..Kill the men who raped her.
And if she lives with the physical and the mental trauma inflicted upon her..rape these men..beat them to death, tear their bodies apart and throw away their intestines. Definitely castrate them. After that throw them on the road to live.

Society, masculinity, get our basics right. Is definitely the solution. Terribly gradual one.That will take centuries. More like the Kashmir problem.

No pointing, no slut walks. Newtons law of equal and opposite reaction. So that tomorrow you dread to even think such things in your thoughts.

Grim Reaper said...

Dude the photo that you have chosen for the blog isn't appropriately conveying the tone of the message

Jokes apart. I completely agree with your point of view and think that a law that charges these crimes with capital punishment only can stop it.

Kanav Sharma said...


Thanks for your feedback.

Though my idea about the post was slightly different. I, in fact, believe that laws and regulations can help the cause, but is the moral awakening of the society, out from the shackles of dark slumber, that can help improve things drastically!

Amita Chopra said...

Well Kanav i am with you, however i have found one of the many causes.
This society is our's and only we can make the difference, and the difference cannot the created by just writing a blog, we have to do something about it and don't sit back till the time we have made the changes....please read my blog and i would definitely require your help and thoughts to work it out, cause i dont want this to Continue any more...

Amita Chopra said...

Mallika Naga said...

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